The Troubled Land: A Western Novel
Western Stories - Stories of the Old West by Western Author Kerby Jackson. True and Fictional stories about Wild West gunfighters, Oregon Trail pioneers, famous gunfights, outlaws, indian wars and old west history.
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Western Stories - Old West Stories - Western Fiction by Western Author Kerby Jackson
The Troubled Land: A Western Novel
by Kerby Jackson

Haunted by the men he killed in another life, former outlaw gunslinger, Ken Payne, would like to leave the past where it belongs - far, far behind him. But when Ken stumbles onto a group of murdered cowhands in Oregonís Owyhee Country heís thrown, head-first, into a full-blown range war that is sure to force him into picking up his gun again. And whatís more, his former partner and amigo has just hired on for the wrong side.

Publication Date: Feb 1 2012
ISBN: 1463787243
EAN13: 978-1463787240
Page Count: 126
Subject: Western Fiction

List Price: $7.99

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The Troubled Land: A Western Novel