The Long Dark Trail: Western Short Stories
Western Stories - Stories of the Old West by Western Author Kerby Jackson. True and Fictional stories about Wild West gunfighters, Oregon Trail pioneers, famous gunfights, outlaws, indian wars and old west history.
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Western Stories - Old West Stories - Western Fiction by Western Author Kerby Jackson
The Long Dark Trail: Western Short Stories
by Kerby Jackson

In this book you will find four western short stories, two non-fiction articles, and excerpts from two forthcoming western novels by Kerby Jackson. Jackson will take you way back to the wild, wild west where revenge lay in wait around every corner, and the aroma of black powder filled the air. With his affinity for the era and keen attention to historic detail, all western lovers are in for a treat when they read the fiction and non-fiction of Kerby Jackson.

Publication Date: Dec 5 2012
ISBN: 1478294841 
EAN13: 978-1478294849
Page Count: 74
Subject: Western Fiction

List Price: $5.99

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The Long Dark Trail: Western Short Stories