History and Photos of Golden, Oregon Ghost Town
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Golden, Oregon

Kerby Jackson on NBC giving a tour of Golden, Oregon. 10-20-2010
See Kerby talk about the history of Golden, Oregon on NBC KOBI/KOTI
October 20th, 2010

Historical Marker at Golden, Oregon
The Historical Marker erected by Josehine County Historical Society at Golden, Oregon
gives a very brief account of the town's history. It reads:

"GOLDEN: Established in 1890, this mining town was unique in Western Annals in that it had two chuches
and no saloons. The miners went to Placer on Grave Creek for 'refreshments'. 

Rev. William Ruble, leader of a group commonly known as "Campbellites" built the church in 1892. He
was ordained and the church simultaneously dedicated by county Judge Stephen Jewell. Shortly afterward
it became the Free Methodist Church. Another group led by Rev. Mark Davis used the schoolhouse for
their services. Both ministers worked local mining claims.

Placer activity on Coyote Creek began in the 1850's. Abandoning these claims during the Idaho Gold Rush of
1860, the men returned to find them being worked by about five hundred Chinese for ten cents a day plus rice.
The Chinese contractor yielded possession.

A two and one-half mile pipeline supplied water for the 'giants' (hydraulic nozzles) resulting in the recovery
of one and one-half million dollars (in gold) in the next few years.

The Josephine County School Superintendent, Lincoln Savage, traveled by train from Grants Pass to Wolf
Creek, rode his bicycle to Golden, and continued to the Greenback Mine by Tramway to visit the schools.
Wilma Gilkey and Edith Allen were among the early teachers. As late as 1906, there were still thirty-six
children in this school."

Golden Community Church at Golden, Oregon
Golden Community Church at Golden, Oregon. Built in 1892 and although a bit rustic looking, the Golden Community Church
is actually well maintained (note the glass windows and modern stove pipe) and is completely restored on the inside.
However, the congregation has long since gone.

Pioneer Cemetery at Golden, Oregon
Right next to the church is a tiny "cemetery" of closely clustered grave markers.

Pioneer Graves at Golden, Oregon
But nobody is actually buried here. Most people don't know it, but these little wooden headstones are actually
leftover props from an episode of "Gunsmoke" that was filmed at Golden.

Cemetery at Golden, Oregon
But a few of Golden's former citizens have memorials here.

Cemetery at Golden, Oregon
It seems that the hearts of at least a few former residents were drawn back to this lonely place.

Abandoned house at Golden, Oregon
The old Ruble residence at Golden, Oregon leans precariously toward collapse from neglect.
It was built in 1894 and the Rubles lived here off and on until 1910. A family by the name of Forsythe later
lived here, starting in 1911 and installed rudimentary electricity, but not indoor plumbing.

Abandoned house at Golden, Oregon
But the passage of time has already taken its toll.

Abandoned house at Golden, Oregon
It's showing its age and decades of neglect.

Abandoned house at Golden, Oregon
Soon nothing will remain but a loose pile of rotting lumber.

Building at Golden, Oregon
The Golden Grain Shed at Golden, Oregon, which was likely a tack and animal feed shed.

Building at Golden, Oregon
Which the forest is attempting to swallow.

General Store at Golden, Oregon
The Bennett Store at Golden, Oregon. Built around 1900, this building was also the post office, but closed in 1920.

Golden Oregon General Store
Business is not exactly booming in Golden, Oregon.

For more info. about Golden, Oregon, please visit:  www.historicgolden.org

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